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Leitersburg Cinemas

The Iconic Venue

A staple in the community since 1970, Leitersburg Cinemas was opened as a drive-in and two-screen theater by the late J. Kenneth Ridenour. The theater has seen many different faces of operation, management, and expansion to 10-screens over the years. While four of the Ridenour siblings have remained sole owners of the real estate, the management ceased operation and the property unsuccessfully went up for auction in October 2009. Leitersburg Cinemas had fallen into disrepair over the years and went dark for nearly nine months.

Having grown up in the area, the founders of HighRock Studios recognized the impact Leitersburg Cinemas had made on the community and began plans to revive the theater. “Long Live Leitersburg Cinemas” became the branding campaign and the duo invested in extensive renovations, including the lobby, concession area, bathrooms, and outfitting four theaters with luxury leather recliners for a “VIP” movie experience. The other six theaters were renovated with modern seating, new carpeting, aisle lighting, and wall furnishings. The doors of Leitersburg Cinemas reopened to much excitement and community support in June 2010 and has consistently exceeded nationwide box office averages.

The Highlights

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