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The Big Idea

HighRock Group is a privately-held holding company headquartered in Maryland.

What makes us unique from other holding companies is our foundation in marketing, through an agency we started in 2005 called HighRock Studios. Technology was also always part of the mix. After achieving success with two movie theaters and creating our own unique cinema concept, we realized our strengths lie in the fusion of marketing, technology, and entertaining. We also realized efficiencies by using one team for human resources, accounting, legal, and operations across all companies. The result of these realizations was the formation of HighRock Group, a support mechanism for all our companies, no matter their size or stage of growth. We offer efficiency, cost savings, and infrastructure that allows our companies to thrive.

In addition to supporting our existing companies, we aggressively look for opportunities to diversify our brands within the marketing, technology, and entertainment industries. Our goal is to launch a brand or strengthen a brand while thinking creatively, strategically, and analytically.

Our success comes from assembling a group of people who are passionate about what they do. Combine top talent with collaboration, transparency, authenticity, creativity, and innovation causes a disruption in the status quo. When we come together as a group, it doesn't matter what company you work for ... we're all part of the HighRock family.

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