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LeftBrain Technology

The Technology Firm

Businesses are always looking for unique ways to reach their customers. What if you could reach them in a smarter way? Enter LeftBrain Technology, the solution that really digs into the data.

How does it work?

LeftBrain Technology collects data and analyzes customer behavior to help companies deliver targeted campaigns, refine their strategies, and increase customer loyalty.

“Customer Lifecycle Management” requires minimal effort on the business end, but provides maximum reward! Segmentation and analytics will determine what might be of interest to customers and send customized offers. Template-based campaigns are another option for targeted offers. The integrated, user-friendly platform allows real time results tracking. The goal is keeping customers engaged and active with your business. And the more campaigns you send, the “smarter” your LeftBrain account becomes, continually improving hyper-personalization of offers.

The Highlights

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