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Introducing HighRock Group's family of brands

Since 2005, HighRock Studios has provided marketing services to the Greater DC/Baltimore area and beyond. In our early years, we mainly focused on web development and graphic design. Our services have expanded into video production, 3D technologies, virtual reality, digital media buying, social media coaching and much more. While still occupying our original office space in downtown Hagerstown, MD, we now have offices in Baltimore, MD and London, England.

In the midst of expanding our services at HighRock Studios, we also renovated and reopened Leitersburg Cinemas and Waynesboro Theatre, while pursuing other opportunities. Recently, the partners of HighRock Studios undertook another venture – HighRock Group, a holding company that offers operational support to all our companies, while seeking new opportunities in the marketing, technology, and entertainment industries.

“We realized the marketing, technology, and entertainment industries mesh well together,” said Rich Daughtridge, President & CEO of HighRock Group. “With a background in marketing, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise to build new and existing brands. It’s worked out well with our talented staff collaborating on innovative projects within these key industries.”

Brands Under HighRock Group

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