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Shanna Mueller Joins Marketing Team

HighRock Group is excited to announce Shanna Mueller as the latest addition to our growing marketing team. “As our family of companies expand, we're building a strong team that will grow and scale along with that expansion." said Melody Belotte, Director of Marketing at HighRock Group. “Shanna has a deep understanding of brand positioning and strategy, so we look forward to the talent and insight she'll bring to each and every project.”

Shanna Mueller, Marketing Coordinator

In this role, Shanna will coordinate with the Director of Marketing as well as individual company directors and managers to strategize and execute the marketing initiatives for each held company.  Specifically, this will include social media coordination, advertising and PR coordination, and advertising sales.

Before working at HighRock Group, Shanna was a former news producer and creative marketing strategist for large fortune 500 companies.  In her own words, "Wielding the power of authentic storytelling and genuine content creation is my daytime hustle."

Learn more about the full HighRock Group team here.

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